[IN PROGRESS] Datacenter Maintenance (April 2nd 2300 to April 3rd 0500 US Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Wednesday, 25th March, 2020
  • 12:13pm

Update: 10:54 EDT - Technicians are still working on restoring services to a limited scope of customers. Thank you for your patience.

Update: 09:26 - Some customers are experiencing issues accessing their servers. Datacenter technicians are continuing to work diligently to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. We apologize for the extended delay.

The datacenter migration is in progress and our team will work diligently to complete it as quickly as possible.

---- Announcement ----

In light of recent events with COVID-19, and to ensure both the safety of employees as well as a smooth transition, the equipment move has been re-scheduled for April 2nd starting at 11 pm, EDT.

This might be re-adjusted depending on COVID-related events in the coming days.

Our team continues to be available 24/7/365 if you require assistance with your services.

We wish all of our customers well and urge everyone to stay safe.

- ThePrimeHost Staff

----- Original Announcement -----

March 25th 2300 to March 26th 0500 US Eastern Daylight Time

We have received notice from our datacenter in Atlanta that all of our equipment is scheduled to be moved on March 25th.

The equipment will be migrated to a different datacenter, 20 minutes away from the current location. 

We have made all possible efforts to postpone the move, but the datacenter cannot be flexible on this. Ultimately, it is within their authority to move equipment between locations.

The move will take place between 11:00 pm of March 25th and 05:00 am (US Eastern Daylight Time) of March 26th.

During that timeframe, servers will be physically shut down and moved between locations. The expected downtime for any individual server is ~2-3 hours.

We've been assured by technicians at the datacenter that they've taken all possible measures to minimize downtime.

No changes are expected to take place in how your hosting service is provisioned. Your IPs will stay the same, and the physical equipment supporting your service will remain the same as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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